Mobile Capture Technology

ABBYY Mobile Capture

Capture Technology for Better Customer Experience

Smarter onboarding connects your customer’s front-end experience with your team’s back-end experience for deeper intelligence and better processes.

The customer retention clock starts ticking the moment they become your customer. How they experience your business matters. How you understand their experience matters. If you captured it correctly, the essence of the relationship is there in the data, but do you have the business intelligence to understand it and act on it in time?

Enter ABBYY Mobile Capture and KeyMark. Working alongside our industry experts to deploy ABBYY’s Mobile Capture system, you can transform the link between the experience your customer feels during onboarding and the experience your team provides in every interaction following.

This powerful tool can capture text from static images or camera preview screens. It can detect and crop document boundaries and correct perspective. And, it can capture all relevant data based on customizable extraction parameters or predefined profiles. By leveraging on-device OCR and Point & Capture technology, ABBYY Mobile Capture connects the front-end data input process with your back-end business intelligence platform.

You already know that the customer experience is vital to customer retention. With the right technology driving the process, you can create a seamless experience for both you and your customer, with deeper understanding of the relationship and actionable insights from Day One.

Like all of ABBYY’s platforms, Mobile Capture is built for painless deployments, simplicity of use, and broad extensibility across your entire organization, aligning functions and uniting data silos into meaningful intelligence. Tap into your organization’s most powerful fuel for growth — your data — and drive transformation where and when it matters most. 

One Step Closer to Optimizing Your Operations

At KeyMark, we’re committed to powering productivity at your organization, and ABBYY Timeline is a revolutionary tool for modernizing your daily operations. Let us partner with you to leverage this powerful process intelligence platform to make your business better. Contact us today to discuss next steps.

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