Enterprise-ready Platforms

It's time to Empower IT

Your IT department is doing a lot of work. But what if there was a way to make the job easier?

The control center of your organization’s technological capabilities.

IT is responsible for troubleshooting a diverse portfolio of enterprise systems and translating knowledge to current employees and new hires.

The Problem: With all the technical difficulties systems can encounter, paired with frequent system updates and an ever-evolving flux of new tech to learn — that task can get overwhelming.

4 Ways KeyMark Can Help IT

  • Eliminate IT Sprawl — Our products can be used across your entire enterprise and tailored to fit the specific needs of departments using point-and-click configurations and rapid application deployment. That means fewer independent systems for IT to juggle. 
  • Realize your ROI — We’ll help you understand the cost savings of your new technology purchases, all while continually monitoring ongoing systems to ensure they are producing the most significant ROI. We don’t just sell you something and cut you loose.
  • Chart Your Roadmap to Success — We care about your technology goals and work with you to achieve them — whether that’s reducing operational costs, enhancing efficiency, or something else entirely. We know the best-in-class technologies and align ourselves with today’s leading vendors and solutions to help you achieve success.
  • Equip Yourself with Expertise — With 25+ years of experience, we know our way around automation technology and how it can benefit your industry and processes. We offer this expertise to support IT in creating automations that work for your specific needs.

Additional Services Geared for Success

KeyMark’s Professional Services promises a timely and effective roll-out of your new software. Our experts utilize Process Mining to inspect every ongoing process within the organization and identify areas ripe for automation. Once we’ve identified a candidate to automate, we’ll assist with the installation, integration, validation, and end-user training of the best software.

Unrivaled Support Options

Our philosophy will always be “The Best Customer is an Existing Customer,” — which is why our customer support lasts long after the installation of your new software. KeyMark’s support engineers are available for unlimited phone and email troubleshooting, additional training resources, health checks and more — all to keep your automations operating at peak performance.