UiPath RPA Support

Support your UiPath Solution with KeyMark Help

Power your RPA solution with UiPath Support and Maintenance

Choose between three levels of UiPath support and maintenance and get the extended benefits of a value-added reseller when you power your UiPath solution with a You + KeyMark partnership.

UiPath RPA Support Offerings



Premium +



Contact for Pricing

Contact for Pricing

Support Window

24 x 7 – Priority 1 Cases

24 x 5 – All Other Cases

24 x 7 – All Cases

24 x 7 – All Cases

Priority Response Times

  • P1 (Urgent) – 1 hour
  • P2 (High) – 4 hours
  • P1 (Urgent) – 1 hour
  • P2 (High) – 4 hours
  • P3 (Normal) – 8 hours
  • P4 (Low) – 2 Business Days
  • P1 (Urgent) – 1 hour
  • P2 (High) – 4 hours
  • P3 (Normal) – 8 hours
  • P4 (Low) – 2 Business Days

Customer Portal

Limited Features

  • Self-Service
  • Case Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Preventative Care
  • Toll-free Numbers
  • Self-Service
  • Case Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Preventative Care
  • Toll-free Numbers
  • On-Site Support (case-by-case)

Incident Diagnosis & Rectification

Provision of Docs Newsletter

Provision of Improvements

Mission Critical Support

Root Cause Analysis

Installation & Upgrade

Infrastructure Audit & Analysis

Designated Resource

Quarterly Review

Platform Governance & Security Advisory

Operating Model Assistance

Workshops & Demonstrations

Knowledge Transfer

Benefit & Value Tracking

Code advisory, review, & optimization

Platform Maintenance

Product Roadmap Review

Support Model Assistance

3rd Party Integration Support

Product Improvement Advocacy

Out-of-Hours Planned Support

Planning & Implementation

Real People. Real RPA Support.

KeyMark is a fully-staffed, intensely experienced UiPath RPA implementation team that’s ready to help you. Based in South Carolina and supporting RPA implementations nationally, KeyMark brings added-value and RPA benefits to your UiPath solution.


KeyMark inspects RPA readiness and assesses necessary hardware, production processes, and compliance/regulatory needs.


KeyMark educates you and your team on implementations made by KeyMark, and makes best-practice recommendation regarding development.


KeyMark installs and upgrades UiPath RPA software, or co-builds/mentors your new development efforts.


KeyMark offers advanced UiPath support and maintenance plans that are designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.


KeyMark provides break-fixes and minor enhancements for projects and developments implemented by KeyMark.

hyland onbase software sales support

South Carolina Children's Hospital Transforms Employee Offboarding

RPA Support in South Carolina

The Problem

A hospital’s support teams received thousands of requests to manually offboard employees from an ERP, but over 85% of existing employees didn’t have ERP access to begin with.

The Solution

RPA bots were assigned to inspect employee access permissions and automatically close tickets for employees without access, or notify teams for next-step procedures — all without human intervention.

Robotic Process Automation saves thousands of dollars automating unnecessary and time-consuming processes.