Frequently Asked Questions for ISI Customers:

Will I continue to have the same sales staff?

Chris, Stephen and Ed have all moved into new positions at KeyMark. Chris Ingoglia is now a Solutions Architect within the sales department at KeyMark. Our Solution Architects are part of the sales team for each account. Over the next few weeks, Chris will be reaching out to each customer to make an introduction to your new KeyMark Sales Executive. Chris will remain on all ISI accounts as the Solution Architect and continue to have daily involvement with ISI customers.

Will I continue to have the same support team?

Even better! Stephen Helbling has joined KeyMark’s industry-leading Support Department. With Stephen’s knowledge of your business and the access he now has to additional world-class support representatives, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. For now, all of your support channels remain the same and we will be in communication for a formal introduction to KeyMark’s Extended Support offerings and an May 20, 2019 cutover to the KeyMark ticketing system.

How will my billing change (remit to address)?

You will receive a formal letter from KeyMark requesting the billing address changes.

Are my hourly rates going to increase?

KeyMark’s standard hourly rate is $225. ISI customers will stay at $195 per hour until June 30, 2019.

Will my overall costs increase?

KeyMark offers a greater scope of software, services and support than ISI traditionally offered. This does not imply that your costs will increase, however, we would hope that a growing long-term partnership will allow KeyMark to offer greater value than you may have received from your technology solutions to date.

Will my Hyland support structure change?

As a Hyland Diamond Support Partner, KeyMark serves as the first line of support for most of our Customer’s solutions and handle 90% of our support requests without having to engage our vendors. When we need to engage Hyland Support, our status and relationship provide quick response and expert access.

How do I connect with KeyMark customer support?

One of KeyMark’s greatest differentiators is our KeyMark Extended Support. This is an optional support program that extends beyond the basic support that most resellers provide and includes options for 24/7/365 support, after hours support and upgrade assurance.

We’re in the middle of a project with ISI, how will my project-in-progress be impacted?

The goal is to minimize relationship and support disruption as much as possible. ISI has a great team and great customers and we intend to onboard each account individually, retain the current teams where possible and introduce new KeyMark team members as needed. Ed Macomber accepted a position within the KeyMark Professional Services team and will remain a key player on current and future ISI Customer projects, as needed.