RPA Overview Webinar

In this Robotic Process Automation webinar, Director of RPA Sales Sam Whitten and RPA Services Manager Chris Ellenberg present the benefits of a Blue Prism RPA solution. A connected RPA solution starts with empowered employees, and Sam and Chris walk you through the ways Blue Prism RPA allows your staff to learn and create. Whether you are looking to implement digital workers at your organization in the next few months, or simply want to learn more about what RPA can do, this webinar will show you how! You’ll also see:

    • The Blue Prism Model: How Blue Prism sets up your organization for RPA success by understanding your processes, giving you access to expert resources and tools, and creating labs where you can practice with digital workers.
    • How digital workers scale and adapt to fit your organization, and how they can be deployed with just a few clicks rather than complex coding.
  • RPA at Work: Chris walks you through a process – loading order information from an Excel workbook into an orders management application – and you can watch the digital worker perform the task for you!