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Raytheon Rapidly Delivers Value at Scale with Intelligent Automation

Blue Prism RPA Case Study

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Raytheon, a technology hardware and equipment company based in the US, aimed to deliver transformational business value across its organization. The company established a Center of Excellence with three dedicated teams:

  1. Value
  2. Delivery
  3. Operations

Using robotic process automation (RPA) these teams which allowed Raytheon to successfully scale 120 digital workers across 9 business functions interacting with over 50 enterprise applications and services. As the program grew, each new business process added complexity and demanded higher levels of intelligent automation, enhanced security requirements and a new design re-use mentality.

Focusing on object reusability—69% of objects are reused—accelerates the delivery of solutions. Areas benefiting from automation at Raytheon include intercompany billing, purchase order management, and quality checks on proposals. An agile and efficient “software factory” produces digital workers and monitors their performance to ensure cost savings. A relentless focus on continuous value creation has enabled digital workers to perform the equivalent of more than 280,000 labor hours and deliver tens of millions of dollars in business value.

“The Digital Workforce program has overdelivered in its efforts to introduce RPA within the enterprise, resulting in reduced operating costs, increased backroom efficiencies and a greater competitive advantage,” said Raytheon’s IT Fellow and Digital Workforce Architect T.J. Theodore.

In summary, Blue Prism‘s RPA solution gave 280,000 hours back to the business and saved $10M+. Further, Raytheon won the 2020 Americas “All-Star Excellence in RPA” award for their innovative use of the Robotic Operating Model (ROM). This award went to the Blue Prism customer that implemented the most robust ROM in the Americas region. Important factors for this award were: team structure, governance, object reusability, appropriate controls and organizational design to maximize the business benefit, and scalability of the Center of Excellence.

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