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Jake Wanner

Solutions Analyst
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Jake Wanner

Solutions Analyst

Team Member since 2017

Jake started as an intern in 2015 while he was still in college. He eventually joined the KeyMark team full-time following his graduation from Clemson University in 2017 with a degree in Accounting. As a Solutions Analyst, Jake is currently responsible for supporting our Account Managers by adding his technical expertise to the sales process.

Things you should know about Jake:
  • I have been knocked out by a spoon
  • I have been north of the Arctic Circle twice
  • I enjoy hunting and fishing

Q&A with Jake

What’s the most unusual place you have visited?

The most unusual place I have ever been is to Svalbard, an archipelago off the coast of Norway up to 80 degrees north, deep into the arctic circle. Yes, it was cold and yes, we saw polar bears. It is the most beautiful, barren land I have seen but it was totally worth the trip. It included extensive wildlife sighting, cascading snowcapped mountains, and a polar plunge along the polar ice cap.

If you could go anywhere, right now, for 5 days all expenses paid, where would it be?

I would go on an African safari

What’s the biggest life lesson you learned the hard way?

Don’t try and jump over fences if you can figure out an easier way around them