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Enjoy our Thanksgiving spin on a holistic Hyperautomation solution!

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Enterprise Kitchen Management

Your primary heat source is the core of any Thanksgiving Kitchen. Whether that’s an oven, stove top, smoker, or dryer unit — if it keeps your guests from eating raw turkey, you can consider it an asset. Your core collects all your delicious food and routes it where and when it’s ready for the next hands to handle or mouths to feed. Keep a 360-degree view of your core and its processes at all times, and ensure it’s in high working order before the big day. Because food is kind of a big deal on Thanksgiving.

knives, kitchen, hyperautomation

Food for Fuel

food for fuel

Cutting and Capturing

If the heat source is your core, that means the food is the fuel. But unless you have an industrial-sized kitchen or tons of kitchen storage, your food will need to be processed into a format that’s easily digestible for your core system (and humans as it turns out). That’s where the kitchen knives come in. A good quality chef’s knife (or electric carver if you’re feeling extra) goes a long way in quickly capturing delicious food in appropriate formats to integrate with your core. Just be sure to watch the fingers and the tight corners. Halloween is over after all.


Cloud Food Storage

Cloud food storage

Secure, Accessible, Refrigerated Food

Let’s clear the air about Tupperware®. Your hunch is right, someone did borrow the lid to your perfect-sized Tupperware — and they’re not giving it back. That’s not the Tupperware’s fault, so stop hatin. Your food containers, glass or plastic, allow you to store your data er-we mean food and keep it clean, organized, and safely out of the way. They also enable you to premake some of the more pesky dishes earlier and reheat them later, meaning you can devote more of that precious cook time to slow-cooking Big Bird.

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Rotary Processes Automation

Rotary Processes Automation

RPA > Arthritis

Anything that speeds up an otherwise manual job is a SOLID investment for Thanksgiving. We’re talking blenders, mixers, air-fryers, etc. These powerful gadgets and gizmos save you on the most valuable Thanksgiving resource. That’s Time (yes, with a capital T). Plus they’ll spare your hands from cramping. Automate your mixing, mincing, and combining, all with a mechanical workforce.

kid chefs

Mission Control

Mission Control

Never too many cooks in the kitchen

This one is simple. Mission control encompasses all the other cooks standing around in the kitchen. We get it, Thanksgiving brings out the very best that the peanut gallery, backseat drivers, and dad have to offer. Just remember that Thanksgiving, above all, is a family meal, and they (mostly) mean it lovingly. Whether it’s a kid that insists on finger-testing every dish, or notes from Grandma’s old recipe, your kitchen is stocked with people and resources that provide insight, training, and emotional support to organizing the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

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Meat Analytics & Reporting

Meat analytics & reporting

“The enemy is the pink in me.”
– Tom the Turkey

Fun fact, a true pit master doesn’t rely on dials or gauges to make a stellar dish — but this isn’t The Fourth of July and you really really don’t want to botch the Thanksgiving meal. That’s why a thermometer is your best friend for critical data on meat temps and tenderness, data that you shouldn’t go without. Because what you don’t know could give your whole family a food-borne illness.

Happy thanksgiving!

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