KeyMark Experience: The Proof is in the Numbers

Three Words. One Big Promise.

At KeyMark, we aim to aid you in ways that no other partner or reseller can, helping you experience ROI in days not months, and connecting you with support implementation, and training services that last a lifetime. And the proof is in the numbers. After 25+ years of supporting partnerships, we’ve racked up some serious […]

Falcon Transportable Workstation Spec Sheet

The Falcon Transportable is a document scanning workstation designed for mobile scanning operation. It combines OPEX’s one-step drop feed technology with the performance of a high-capacity scanner to enhance great functionality with the power of mobility. By minimizing prep time, paper handling, and other manual tasks, the Falcon Transportable improves scanning efficiency while reducing security […]

Charting ECM’s Course from Document Management to Enterprise Information Hub

Having a quality document repository system is a baseline need for every business. But by leveraging enterprise content management (ECM) with line-of-business (LOB) systems like SAP, and elevating ECM to the level of a complete information hub, ECM begins to replace inefficient manual tasks with automated business processes that propel companies forward. Download this white […]

Empowering AP Through Automation

A common feeling associated with change is fear. And as new technologies like document imaging or data capture, automate fields like accounts payable (AP), AP professionals are wondering if there is still room in the industry for personal growth and advancement. This report explores how automation technologies have permanently changed the role of AP departments […]

Understanding RPA Scalability

There is no doubt that RPA can synthesize workloads and improve efficiency. But when RPA systems aren’t made with interchangeability, or can’t keep up with the new demands of a growing business – a benefit quickly becomes an added challenge. Train yourself in the importance of scalable RPA solutions from Blue Prism in this report […]

Paperless Plan Review to Reality

Local Government ECM

Creating a method for developers, builders, and local governments to have easy access and visibility to important building or site plans is a crucial step in ensuring cost efficiency and collaboration. Too much paper is cumbersome and expensive, but through the right paperless enterprise content management solution, everyone can save time and money. See what […]

AIIM Whitepaper

Case management applications can range from payment management, through contract bids, claims handling and loan origination, to traditional healthcare, crime, or legal cases.

Whitepaper Paperless Plan Review with OnBase

ePlan Whitepaper Download Bringing Paperless Plan Review to Reality A technology and process checklist for local governments Paperless planning isn’t just about making internal processes more modern and efficient. It’s also an essential foundation for the next transformation: to community development activity that is truly a collaboration with local developers, businesses and citizens. The Foundation […]

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