Video Game Masters: The Battle Begins


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Video Game Masters: The Battle Begins

This week marked the beginning of the 2nd Biannual Video Game Masters Series (VGMS) at KeyMark.

What is the Video Game Masters Series you ask? Over the course of several lunch breaks, competitors take turns playing two-player, “heads up” style console (or emulated) video games in the KeyMark training room. The tournament takes place over a six-week period, and points are given for a win (3) or tie (1), while a loss results in zero points.

The initial round of the tournament began with the classic street fighting game Tekken 3 for PS1. As someone who knows nothing about video games, it appeared to me that players were just forcefully mashing buttons. I’m told that was, in fact, the general premise of the game.

With only one battle under their belts, the competitors all stand tied with either three points or zero points.

Can Senior Engineer Keith Cua, the inaugural VGMS champion, defend his title as and earn bragging rights once more? Will Integration Specialist Jim Hall, the previous runner up, come away victorious this time around? Or will one of the underdogs pull out a surprise win?

Stay tuned to find out.


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