Should I Use Cloud Capture or BPO? Or Both....?

How Cloud Capture and BPO Work Together to Benefit Your Company

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Before you ask yourself if you care about cloud capture or BPO you’re probably thinking…what are these things?

I can tell you that on the surface they can be magical – especially if you are someone who deals with scanning and manual data entry daily.

Both will dramatically reduce the tedious task of keying data into your accounting software, imaging system, agency management system, etc. One will even take away the need to scan documents, which also means no more opening envelopes, removing staples, sorting…I told you, MAGICAL.

Imagine you manage the Account Payable department and have multiple locations that receive invoices. Each location has a dedicated employee to approve invoices and key the information into your system. Then, the invoices are sent to your department using internal mail, snail mail and/or email.

Problem #1:

The amount of time spent between receipt of invoice and its delivery to Accounts Payable.

Problem #2:

You need your employee on a more specialized task and not spending their valuable time keying data.

Problem #3:

There’s a chance data will be entered incorrectly…


Cloud Capture is- you guessed it- capture to the cloud. It gives you the ability to scan paper invoices at the time they are received and send directly to the cloud, or Cloud capture can automatically ingest the electronic ones. From there the data is extracted from each invoice, which can be sent back to Accounts Payable with an image of the invoice for validation. The data can also be pushed directly into your workflow process if everything is correct.

The option of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) would make life even easier- the same process is utilized, but we handle the scanning and validation. All you have to do is approve and pay.

Not only can these processes save you time and money, but they also provide visibility into the processes. Best of all, you can get started in days not months.


What other purposes can you see Cloud Capture serving for your organization?



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