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October 23, 2015

Six Ways ECM Can Help Government Overcome Common Challenges

OnBase Infographic


Chris Johnson

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Our good friends at OnBase by Hyland and The Center for Digital Government put together this great infographic on ECM for Government.

Government budgets are slowly trending up, but that doesn’t mean they will be anywhere near their pre-recession levels anytime soon. It is more important than ever for government agencies to continue to find innovative solutions to their ongoing resource challenges. Enterprise content management (ECM) is one of those solutions. This infographic highlights six common government challenges and how ECM can help make transformative changes to overcome them.



Wow, think about those government paper-usage statistics!

  • 90% of government leaders believe reducing paper would save their agency money
  • 89% of government leaders agree reducing the amount of paper in daily operations is important
  • 40% of government leaders believe increased accessibility is the top advantage of going paperless
  • 72% of government leaders say reducing paper would enable better constituent service
  • On average, agencies spend 260 minutes per day meeting public records requests
  • On average, agencies spend 1,000 minutes per day copying paper documents

Do these statistics surprise you? What other areas do you see where enterprise content management  could create efficiencies in government agencies? 

KeyMark is a Registered Government Supplier

KeyMark is a registered government IT supplier for software, hardware and professional services for the cooperative purchasing programs administered by numerous state agencies. As a registered supplier, procurements from KeyMark meet the cooperative purchasing requirements for government to simplify the purchasing process. Learn more on our Government How To Buy page.

If you want to lean more about Government ECM Solutions from KeyMark including Agenda Management and Case Management, visit our Government Microsite.

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