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RPA at KeyMark: How We're Using Digital Workers

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Joey Barrett

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Here at KeyMark, we’ve been excited about Robotic Process Automation and the possibilities it brings to our customers for a long time. It’s ability to automate tedious digital processes with speed and precision give it almost infinite opportunities to improve businesses and make employees’ lives easier. Yes, we really like to talk up this technology, and we’ve created resources – The RPA Cheat Sheet and The CIO’s Guide to RPA, to name a few – that help present its powerful capabilities. So now, why not use it for ourselves?

Digital Workers in Accounts Payable

While working on top-tier solutions for our customers, our new RPA Team has also been at work on some of KeyMark’s own processes. Recently, digital workers were rolled out to automate parts of our accounting department – specifically in accounts receivable. Our new Service Billing Automation project allows us to generate customer invoices through the use of RPA.

How it Works

Without getting too much into the technical details, here’s what our digital workers are doing:

  • First, they are gathering the necessary data for invoices located within queries in our OnBase system
  • Next, they are interacting with the user interface of KeyMark’s accounting system to place the data they have gathered in the correct place

Our digital workers are performing tasks that a human normally would, and they’re interacting with software almost the exact same way. The difference is that they can do it much faster, without mistakes, and help free our employees to get more done!

The Result

Now, our accounting team is able to process more invoices in a shorter amount of time, and they have given the digital workers a big thumbs up! As we continue to use and monitor our digital workers, stay tuned for more precise figures on what they’re helping us accomplish. For now, check out more ways Robotic Process Automation is being utilized in accounts payable in our eBook Implementing RPA in Accounts Payable.

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