Whether your documents are paper, fax or electronic, whether they’re scattered throughout branch offices, in the field or both, we can help you do more with your data through our cloud-based capture solutions. In addition to acquiring the data, we can help you classify, extract, verify and deliver the data to your relevant business systems.

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CloudCapture Plus

CloudCapture Plus is a cloud-based OCR solution that automates high-volume document processing, classification, and data extraction, so your team can focus on more important things: like advancing your organization.

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File Sharing

Collaboration in the cloud is made possible with our cloud-based file sync and share solution. Access your organization’s files anytime, anywhere, from any device. Collaborate with the rest of your team in real time. Exercise greater security controls, thanks to role-based permissions, revocation of access and other security-minded features.

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Forms Management

Without being able to access your forms – whenever you need them – you limit your ability to advance your next task or to-do. Our cloud-based forms management solution provides you with access to all of your forms in one centralized place, helping you perform a number of time-saving functions and prevent productivity-killing bottlenecks in your processes.

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Scan, Store and Retrieve

Whether your documents are structured, semi-structured or free-form, we can help you scan virtually any type of document. Once the data is scanned, it can be stored securely in the cloud and retrieved at a moment’s notice. In turn, you’re free to spend less time searching for paper documents and more time doing the things that make your organization better.

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If your organization is a data-crunching, document-processing machine, workflow is the oil that makes it run. Our cloud-based workflow solutions help automate processes and route data efficiently through your organization – without requiring a significant infrastructure investment or bogging down your IT department with ongoing system maintenance.

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