John Lawhead

Director, Commercial Sales

John Lawhead

Director, Commercial Sales

Team Member since 2002

John is a husband and father of three, and in his spare time is the Director of Sales for KeyMark’s commercial division. His favorite place is on a trail, anywhere, running as fast as possible without pulling a muscle or face planting into a tree root. John has been working for the Sales team at KeyMark since 2004, where he spent 11 years as a Solutions Analyst and 4 years as a Sales Executive before coming into his role as Director of Sales. John enjoys blazing trails (the figurative kind) with new products and solutions and working with internal stakeholders and customers to determine how we can best help our customers. John has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Clemson and hasn’t done a lick of calculus, fluids, thermodynamics, statics, or dynamics since graduating in 2002.

Q&A with John

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

John Wayne, since we share the same name

What’s the most unusual place you have visited?

Egypt in 2009, about 2 months before everything started going haywire there

What’s the most unusual item in your desk drawer?

Way too many to choose just one

What music do you listen to when no one is around?

Random mixture of Bluegrass/America, Reggae, Christian and Jamband

If you could tell the next generation one thing, what would it be?

Facebook isn’t the real world

If you could go anywhere, right now, for 5 days all expenses paid, where would it be?

Bora Bora

If you had to get a brand tattooed on your arm, what would it be?


At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Marine Biologist