OnBase Microsoft Outlook Integration

Streamline critical processes with the OnBase and Outlook integration

With OnBase and Microsoft Outlook integration for document management, users throughout your organization access essential content from an application they already know and use every day.

Directly from their Outlook inbox, users easily capture emails and attachments and store them in OnBase as they receive them, instantly connecting this content to related transactions. Users can even perform tasks such as approvals without leaving their familiar email interface, keeping critical processes moving forward.

Outlook integration increases efficiency, speeding up processes and improving customer service

OnBase automatically begins processing documents the moment users import them from Outlook, eliminating the need to manually transfer information and further streamlining business processes. With vital business-related content easily accessible right from Outlook, you increase efficiency and improve service.

Automate importing and indexing of emails and attachments

The Microsoft Outlook integration for document management allows users to capture emails and attachments directly from Outlook, importing them into OnBase. Once captured and indexed, OnBase links emails and any supporting documents to existing account information for simple retrieval.

With Outlook and OnBase working together, users:

  • Access all documents and correspondences from one central location
  • No longer have to save files to multiple locations or indirectly import them
  • Have instant, secure access to needed information, regardless of whether they were the original recipient

Reduce business process cycle times

Once users upload documents into OnBase, they automatically trigger specific business processes. Processed documents are routed to decision-makers who receive email notifications with tasks that allow them to move the process forward directly from their inbox or from the notification itself.

By giving staff the ability to capture and access important business documents directly from Outlook, you increase efficiency and service levels while reducing process delays.