EDM Services with OnBase

EDM Services

OnBase Electronic Document Management (EDM) Services (16) controls and tracks the modification of documents stored in OnBase through revisions and versions. This ensures the integrity of the document, protecting it against the risk of overlapping changes from multiple editors. Organizations can centralize the management of changing business documents and provide offline synchronization for remote users, ensuring that all users are always accessing version-accurate copies.

Increase efficiency with an electronic document management system

With all of your documents and information captured and stored in OnBase, your organization immediately benefits from what an electronic document management system provides. These benefits include tools that increase efficiency, including:

Revisions: Track every modification made to documents, with a permanent revision history. Ensures users only access the most current versions of documents

Electronic signatures: OnBase provides multiple options for electronically signing documents: capturing and applying handwritten signatures with a stylus or tablet, using digital certificates to ensure authenticity and integrity or integrating with Docusign.

Simplifying access to documents and information

One of the primary benefits of an electronic document management system is the ability to find the exact documents you need, right when you need them. OnBase provides many options to quickly and easily locate the documents you need, including:

  • Specific index values like name and account number
  • Index value ranges, such as all invoices between $500 and $1,000
  • Dates or date ranges
  • Electronic filing cabinets and folders
  • Full-text search of all documents, such as PDFs, emails, OnBase e-forms and Microsoft Office and text documents

Ensuring follow-through on required reading and training

Every organization has documents that employees are mandated to read and acknowledge – from employee handbooks to information security policies to harassment training.

While there are many ways to distribute documents to employees, often these require a lot of manual work to track and update. How do you prove that all of your employees have received and read the most current required documents for their roles?

With OnBase, you can rapidly distribute the right documents to the right employees. Significantly reduce costs by automating the distribution and administration of required reading documents. Easily track and prove employee acknowledgements for regulatory compliance audits.