Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) (11.0) enables real-time visibility into OnBase Workflow providing immediate, actionable information about the status and results of critical business processes. Quickly address problem areas and make better informed business decisions, while continuously revealing opportunities for process improvement. BAM provides a set of configurable portlets that are easily personalized into dashboards and accessed through the OnBase Web Client and Microsoft SharePoint Web pages.

Usage Scenarios:

  • C-Level Executives: Legacy financial systems often provide limited information, and revenue performance data is often delayed until report runs are complete. When the related transactional documents are managed in OnBase Workflow, BAM provides real-time access to process metrics and visual notifications of transaction status. This immediate access to information enables more accurate projections of the impact on cash flow, and better awareness of the overall health of critical business processes.
  • Accounts Receivable: A supervisor can set thresholds or watermarks to monitor the number of unpaid invoices and the respective dollar amounts. When thresholds are met or surpassed, the supervisor is immediately alerted of the status change with visual, color-coded notifications, providing the opportunity to act quickly and minimize any negative impact on cash flow.
  • Improve overall Operations Management: Both internal and external events cause variability in business cycles and processes. BAM provides management with a visual snapshot of the current state of Workflow business processes, allowing managers to take confident action to address process bottlenecks and alter business processes as necessary.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides real-time process visibility into OnBase Workflow activity, process bottlenecks and exceptions.
  • Expedites business process management, giving decision makers immediate, actionable information.
  • Automates process analysis with configurable graphic chart summaries and threshold options.
  • Supports business agility by enabling users to quickly adapt to changing business conditions.