Application Enabler

Application Enabler

Application Enabler provides complete interaction between a business application screen and the related OnBase documents, content and process management. Users can opt for a real-time, no-click display of documents associated with their enabled screen, or access documents and processes with a simple mouse click or key press. Business systems can be configured without custom programming, scripting or modifications. Application Enabler (AE) provides a toolbox to create integrations with virtually any application, and has a proven track record with hundreds of business systems.


-Increases user productivity by eliminating application switching and automating manual tasks.
-Improves data accuracy and reduces re‐keying of information by pulling data directly from the application screen.
-Expedites and improves business decision making by delivering immediate access to supporting documents.
-Reduces training costs and accelerates user adoption by allowing users to remain in their familiar business
-Eliminates custom integration expense and minimizes integration cycles by providing point‐and‐click



  • -Healthcare: Patient history and insurance documents can be quickly accessed directly through patient management systems. Patient registration and billing can bene it from having increased access to patient documents to quickly
    manage changes and exceptions. And on the clinical side, the Application Enabler Live feature can give healthcare providers a real‐time alert when patient documents are available for viewing or if documents are missing, saving precious time in patient care.
  • -Insurance: Supporting claim documents can be imported, auto‐indexed and associated to an existing claim through the policy processing system, increasing accuracy and consistency and promoting data integrity.
  • -Financial Services: A bank or credit union can deploy Application Enabler to access customer signature cards and ID cards at the teller line. Customer Service Representatives will be able to view customer identification at the time ofpresentment to verify customer identity and reduce teller line fraud.

Key Features

-Retrieve documents, view Folders, and run a Custom Query directly from the business application screen.

-Index documents and generate bar code sheets using information obtained directly from the business application.

-Display document counts and a document select list with real‐time information about documents related to the enabled screen with Application Enabler Live.

-Create Unity Forms, E‐Forms, and launch Work low directly from the business application—enabling business process automation.

-Create Document Composition Documents by applying information pulled from the business application to a Word template, ensuring data consistency.

-Create and Retrieve WorkView objects leveraging data from the business application.