Save Time with Preconfigured Workview Routing

FLEX for OnBase

Say goodbye to workflow configuration frustrations with FLEX for OnBase!

OnBase flex framework

If you find yourself frustrated with constantly-changing business processes and workflows, look no further than FLEX for OnBase. FLEX is a preconfigured framework for OnBase Unity and Web Client users that provides an easier, simplified way to configure your process flow.

In addition, FLEX for OnBase doesn’t require the multi-step approval process for conditional routing of WorkView objects that can take up unnecessary time. That’s because FLEX allows power users to configure WorkView objects, rather than just administrators.

Benefits include:

Want to know more about how FLEX for OnBase can help you?

If you’re interested in an easier way to configure OnBase Workview objects in your ever-changing business environment, then FLEX for OnBase is the right add-on for you. Just use the contact us form or reach out to your account representative to get the conversation started!