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Chris Ellenburg

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OnBase Boost: Your New RPA Tool

OnBase BoostNormally, OnBase is self-contained because of its rich functionality that enables companies to automate workflow tasks using digital workers. However, organizations sometimes need OnBase to go the extra mile and want to utilize an API. RPA tools can be used to automate within OnBase.

Tools are available to develop new assets for OnBase, and Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange provides a place for companies to acquire these tools. Four new robotic process automation (RPA) assets have been developed that integrate with OnBase. These digital workers (also called bots) automate tasks, allowing your company to be more productive.

Here’s an overview of the 4 new OnBase assets, called OnBase Boost. Below, you’ll read about their benefits and how to take advantage of them.

Asset 1: Workflow Document Handle

Workflow Document Handle provides lifecycle integration within your OnBase environment, giving you the direct ability to obtain Document Handle in real time. The asset enables companies to capture a snapshot of what is happening in a workflow process at any time.

A user can feed the name of a particular queue within an OnBase lifecycle into Workflow Document Handle, and the asset will pull back all the documents that are currently sitting in that state. This function could be very useful for obtaining a high-level overview of where things are located in the system.

Workflow Document Handle can be used to feed other skills because, in OnBase, everything has a unique identifier. To work with an object in the system, you need its unique identifier to create a command that affects that object. Getting those unique identifiers is not easy because they are not very readable for humans.

Workflow Document Handle was chosen as the first step in making it easy for someone to get the documents or objects that they want to see or work on. Step one is to pull the data that you care about before you do other things with it.

Download the Workflow Document Handle asset here. 

Asset 2: Get Keywords

Get Keywords provides a keyword query integration within your OnBase environment, giving you the direct ability to obtain keywords. The digital worker uses the information gathered by Workflow Document Handle to be able to pull keywords from a document that exists in a queue. This capability can be useful when trying to combine this skill with other OnBase-related processes, objects, or additional assets.

This asset includes a Visual Business Object (VBO) and an example process that manages the connection to OnBase via the Unity API. The digital worker will query a selected Document Handle to return one or more keyword values associated with the document. The bot includes advanced error handling, OnBase session creation, Keyword querying, OnBase session disconnect, and an example process.

Download the Get Keywords asset here.

Asset 3: Upload Files

Most companies use OnBase as a document repository, so one of the essential functions you would want to build for an OnBase integration is a way to put new information into it. Upload Files provides an automated way of uploading multiple documents into your OnBase environment via the OnBase Unity API.

The Workflow Document Handle and Get Keywords assets were created to pull information out for use in some other external process, so Upload Files was created to do the exact opposite. This asset allows you to give OnBase information for it to keep track of.

Download the Upload Files asset here. 

Asset 4: Execute Ad Hoc User Task

Execute Ad Hoc User Task provides an automated way of performing an Ad Hoc User Task by connecting to the OnBase Document Management System. The asset will execute a named Ad Hoc User Task.

Execute Ad Hoc User Task plays into service billing automation. This digital worker will execute and then move documents within a lifecycle queue from one queue to another queue. This skill can be combined with other OnBase-related processes, objects, or additional assets.

Download the Execute Ad Hoc User Task asset here.

Take advantage of pre-built bots

You can both download and read more about the entire OnBase Boost package here. The bots can be used free of charge by anyone with a Blue Prism license. 

These digital assets may inspire your business to create more digital workers for OnBase that automate and increase the efficiency of your workflow processes. Partnering with a company that has an RPA team will enable your company to develop digital workers that meet your unique needs.

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