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May 11-12, 2021


Insights Partner Automation Forum

May 11-12, 2021

KeyMark is making it easier than ever to stay in-the-know from the comfort of your own home office, couch or even a hammock. Hear from experts to gain a deeper knowledge of what the future of automation has in store for your organization. Gain insights to make you smarter, more productive and positioned for growth in a fast-paced world that waits for no one.

All sessions are livecast via Webex.

What's on the Agenda This Year?

Featured Speakers

Jim Wanner

CEO, KeyMark

Marc Cicanciolo

Global Director, Cloud Sales and Operations, Hyland

Colleen Alber


Amanda Pfriem

Cloud Business Consultant, Hyland

Ben Vaughan

Director, Solutions Architects, KeyMark

Chris Ellenburg

RPA Services Manager, KeyMark

Brien Lay

Solutions Architect, KeyMark

Expert RPA Assessments

Exclusive Insights 2021 Offer

As an added bonus to this years conference, KeyMark is offering a limited number of slots to meet with our RPA team of experts to review your readiness to add or expand Robotic Process Automation within your organization.

We can help you identify processes within your operations that are ripe for automation, saving you valuable time and resources that will translate into growth and greater profit.

Limited times are available for May 12th so register now!

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Sessions Overview and Registration

All forum sessions will be held via Webex on Tuesday, May 11th.
You can attend one or as many as you choose.
Please register for each one individually.

KeyMark's Total Solution

Presented by Ben Vaughan

Is KeyMark known around your organization as “The OnBase Folks”? Is OnBase known as “That AP workflow software?” Well we are much more than that! Join us during this session to learn about the full suite of applications that KeyMark offers to help you achieve your Intelligent Automation goals. Ben Vaughan, our Director of Solution Architects, will be discussing how OnBase can be used as more than an ECM tool, how you can get started using OCR without the traditional upfront investment, how you can use Robotic Process Automation to perform repetitive tasks and free up your knowledge workers, how you can analyze your processes for bottlenecks, and other ways KeyMark can help you gain efficiencies in your organization!

Hyland Cloud

Presented by Marc Cianciolo and
Amanda Pfriem, Hyland

There is so much buzz about “moving to the cloud”, but what does that really mean? Join us for this interactive session with Marc Cianciolo from Hyland to answer that question and more! In this session you will get a deeper understanding of what a cloud based solution could look like for your organization and get the tools you need leverage all the benefits of the cloud.

Planning your RPA Future: RPA Market Overview and Live OnBase Integration Demo

Presented by Chris Ellenburg and Brien Lay

Are you interested in learning more about which RPA tool is right for your business? Have you ever wondered why now is the right time to invest in RPA? Join this session with KeyMark’s Chris Ellenburg and Brien Lay. This interactive session will give you with the tools you need to understand and implement RPA within your business. Learn how RPA can work for you and your processes and see a demo of RPA and OnBase integration.

Use Hyland to Make Meaningful Connections with Your Customers

Presented by Colleen Alber, Hyland Product Evangelist
2:00pm- 2:45pm

It’s no secret we’re living in a virtual world and for many organizations, remote work is here to stay. Join this interactive session to learn how you and your workforce can stay connected and effective – from wherever they might be!  While remote work can be more challenging in some ways, it can also create opportunities to increase productivity, prompt collaboration and digitally transform your operations. Learn how to leverage new and existing OnBase tools to enhance areas of your business in order to make more meaningful connections with the people you serve. We will also share practical COVID-19 pandemic case studies from Hyland customer organizations just like you!


Presented by Jim Wanner, CEO, KeyMark
3:00pm- 3:45pm

Join this on-demand session from Jim Wanner, KeyMark’s CEO, to connect and discover what the future of automation could hold for your organization. Jim outlines the trends in the industry and what that means for digital transformation in a post COVID-19 world. This session will include a live Q&A portion at the end.