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December 1, 2014

Four Ways OnBase ECM Software Can Enhance Your Lawson S3 System’s Performance

Integrating Lawson with OnBase ECM Software


John Lawhead

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Four Ways OnBase ECM Software Can Enhance Your Lawson S3 System’s Performance

In order to leverage your most valuable asset — your information — throughout your entire enterprise, you need a system that can automate and drive all of your content through your business processes.

If you’re looking to improve operational costs and customer service, integrating Lawson with OnBase ECM software can help you do just that. Here are four ways that enterprise content management from OnBase can help you enhance your existing Lawson solution and remove the pains of manual, paper-based processes:

1. OnBase by Hyland Works within your current Lawson System

Integrating your Lawson system with OnBase creates a single, central repository for all of your enterprise’s supporting documents, connecting critical documents to your Lawson data without extensive programming or coding. Users can access necessary documents directly from their familiar Lawson interface, minimizing training and maximizing efficiency.

2. OnBase Drives Content

Not only does an integrated OnBase and Lawson solution convert paper documents into an easily retrievable electronic format, it also automatically drives content throughout your organization. Instead of manually routing documents such as receipts, orders, invoices, etc., documents are automatically routed through workflow steps in your business processes.

3. OnBase Saves Time and Money

By eliminating manual actions, an OnBase and Lawson integration allows your employees to focus on higher-value tasks and deliver better customer service. Automated workflows expedite processes throughout your organization, ultimately increasing payment cycles and approval times, and decreasing errors caused by manual steps

4. OnBase Turns your Data into Information

Having a single, central repository for all of your enterprise’s supporting documents provides improved data visibility for your leadership teams, enabling them to make better and faster decisions.

Are there other opportunities or challenges that your organization sees with document management? If so, let us know and we’re ready to help.

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