Access, preserve and protect your one-of-a-kind paper records.

Document Conversion Services

Converting Documents of All Types and Sizes

Whether it’s sorting through thousands of boxes and files or high-speed processing of standard pages, large format drawings, specialty books and microfilm, we are more than capable of handling all of your document conversion needs. With our document conversion services, there’s no need to purchase expensive scanning equipment or tie up your employees doing labor-intensive tasks like converting paper documents to digital format.

Our 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with cutting-edge conversion and scanning technologies, and our document conversion experts take an artisan approach to ensuring that your documents are prepared and handled with the utmost care. We offer a wide range of file and document conversion services, including:


  • Aperture, Microfilm, Microfiche
  • Files and Documents
  • Large Format Scanning
  • Publication Scanning
  • Scan-On-Demand
  • Specialty Scanning

A Partner Who Helps Sort, Scan and Plan for the Future

Do you have valuable documents you need to protect and preserve for archival and historical purposes? How about large amounts of information stored in boxes or file cabinets? Our document conversion service is a great way to get organized, while staying ahead of legal and regulatory requirements.

As your document conversion partner, we can do much more than simply scan and image your information. We can also help you sort through everything and apply retention schedules so that you know exactly what needs to be stored as hard copies, purged or scanned.

If we’re storing information for you, it’s easier than ever to access files that have not yet been uploaded to your system, thanks to our Scan-on-Demand services. Simply notify us regarding which files you need, and we’ll pull the records for you and scan them into your system. It’s that easy.

Keeping Your Information Secure Every Step of the Way

We get it — your documents and data cannot be compromised at any point in the document conversion process. At the same time, we understand that the world doesn’t stop spinning once we start working. We understand you’ll need to access your information from time to time, so we’ve built-in a number of ironclad security protocols that still allow you to access your records whenever you need them.

  • Secure Access – Access your data, documents and records 24/7 from our secure storage facility in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
  • Chain of Custody – Our commitment to security starts the moment we take possession of your documents – and all points in between.
  • Destruction/Disposal – Once you have met the mandated archiving requirements, we can securely destroy and dispose of your documents.
  • Secure Facility – In addition to a state-of-the-art security system, our 25,000-square-foot facility features 24/7 monitoring of fire, water and unauthorized entry.
  • Transportation – From bonded and insured couriers to a fleet of trackable transport vehicles, we ensure your information is secure every step of the way.

Creating a Turn-key KeyMark Solution

Are you ready to increase productivity, reduce storage costs, improve compliance and enjoy access to the files you need – the moment you need them? Our experts are ready to help, whether your focus is financial services, law, government, healthcare or any type of private enterprise. Best of all, our document conversion services can easily be integrated into a total KeyMark solution. Contact us today for complete details.