CommunityLIVE 2020 Buy-1-Get-1 Free Pass

KeyMark is offering a Buy-1-Get-1 Free promotion to customers and prospects planning to attend CommunityLIVE the week of October 5-9, 2020. Each participant is eligible for a free Essential Level pass with each paid registration. Those wanting to register for Complete passes will receive a $699 discount on the second pass, but will be required to pay the remaining balance.

Please fill out the form below to let us know who from your company plans to take advantage of the free pass. Your paid registrant will be required to register for CommunityLIVE before you complete the free pass form below. 


  • How much are individual passes? For those taking advantage of KeyMark’s promo, we will discount organizations at Hyland’s Wed-Fri early bird rate of $699 ($799 post-Early Bird) for a single Essential pass. The Complete pass rate is $1,299 ($1,399 post-Early Bird).
  • Where do I register for the paid pass(es)? On Hyland’s CommunityLIVE registration page.
  • How do I pay? Customers will be responsible for payment on the CommunityLIVE registration page.
  • How many discounted passes can I receive? 1:1, meaning for every one paid registration you receive one free Essential level pass. 
  • Where can I obtain information about CommunityLIVE? Click here to view Hyland’s CommunityLIVE site!
  • Where can I find the agenda? We have some basic schedule information on our site, but for the full, up-to-date agenda, visit Hyland’s CommunityLIVE agenda page.

Signing Up for our Promotion is Easy!

Just fill out the form below.

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