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Clemson Football and Competing in the Digital Transformation Arms Race

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Greg Aiken

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We’ll get to strategic intelligent automation thoughts in a few moments, but first… Clemson Football!

Clemson Football and It’s Parallel to Intelligent Automation

Football season is officially upon us. For many of us, that thought triggers excitement. It conjures images of family, friends and the joys of cool, fall weather. For those of us at KeyMark, it especially makes us think about the KeyMark-sponsored tailgate in Lot 2 and lots of high fives (especially as of late) over a crisp fall lager. For those who may not be aware, KeyMark is exactly 14 miles from Clemson’s Death Valley Memorial Stadium. Due to proximity, we employ a few dozen Clemson graduates. Of course, we owe a shout-out to our employees who represent other schools among other conferences all over the country (even those from the SEC, ha!). Our CEO, Jim, recently reached out to members of the Clemson football recruiting staff to understand exactly what they are doing differently to recruit the very best players in the nation. Ideas Jim got from this conversation help us to look at our own recruiting, not just of new customers but also of new and impactful employees as well. If you have been paying any attention to Clemson football lately, you will notice the impact they have begun to make in the recruiting world. Some say the new Clemson athletic complex has been a game-changer in the football facilities arms race. It’s hard for other teams to compete with a $55M funhouse that includes mini-golf and laser tag. They have started hiring elite level nutritionists and staff who use science to improve things like recovery time. These investments, while costly at first, have reaped nothing but benefit for Clemson University, including all the hype, glory and return on investment that comes with winning two of the last three national championships. From a business standpoint, the elite-level football being played is bringing in more money than ever for the program. Clemson’s vision to shed mediocrity and become the best when Dabo Swinney was hired 10 years ago can easily be paralleled with businesses and government agencies.

The Digital Transformation Arms Race

As businesses and agencies consider their digital transformation, it is important to find the right partner who can help aid in technological growth and who can help you to act quickly. Because like the football facility arms race, the companies who wisely invest in intelligent technology will positively impact the course of their success. This desire to move forward can even be seen at the highest form of our government, where President Trump is calling for more RPA in his 2020 budget. With the technology at our fingertips and with partners who are ready to help today, organizations can decide to:
  • Do Nothing: Sit and wait to see whether AI and automation technology are simply hype. Wait for the hype to die down to understand what you really need, meanwhile, giving your competition an open door to leave you in their wake.
  • Drive Change: Walk through the open door to bypass your competition. Businesses who make concerted efforts to understand and invest in the new age of technology will be the ones left standing.

Today’s Adopters Will Be the Last Ones Standing

Organizations who automate their business processes using things like case management, workflow, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence and optical character recognition (OCR) are going to become much more agile by freeing valued employees to focus on more meaningful work. Don’t take half-measures and invest in a partial strategy. The power of a total automation solution relies on a well thought-out, comprehensive strategy. So, in the digital transformation arms race, we urge you to consider the following:
  • Are you partnering with experienced experts who understand the technology?
  • Does Your Digital Transformation Plan Include Automation?
  • Are the different pieces of technology in which you’re investing integrated?
  • Where do your competitors currently outshine you and how can you crush them with automation?
The time is now to take action. Don’t get left behind in a race against your competition. Make a move today toward winning the digital transformation arms race!

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