Improve Client Services with ECM for Health and Human Services

Hyland Case Study: ECM For Health & Human Services

The Basics

Health and human services agencies fight to improve our communities and respond even in tough times. Whether providing housing, food, heat or financial assistance, these organizations play a vital role for clients. For these agencies, eligibility and re-certification paperwork is the common layer for most programs. However, it’s a problem when paper and processes slow down case management for both agencies and their clients.

The Challenges

With budget cuts and staff reductions at an all-time high, the public sector is challenged with caring for increasing community needs with less staff, under the stricter scrutiny of increasing compliance requirements.

Health and human services programs require processes and multiple applications and documents to determine eligibility before issuing much-needed benefits. Staff members review clients annually, and, as a result, face a variety of challenges, including:

  • Filing, storing, photocopying and printing paper absorbs staff time
  • Locating records within manual, paper processes slows compliance efforts and lengthens response time
  • Paper files are disconnected from case workers and departments, making it tough for staff to work in the field closer to their clients

The Solution

With the OnBase Health and Human Services solutions, agencies securely store documents of all sizes in one central document repository. OnBase securely promotes collaboration among staff and departments while protecting records from loss or unauthorized access. With OnBase, agencies eliminate costs associated with paper-based processes and serve more clients with fewer resources.

Recapture staff time and eliminate paper costs

Repetitive, paper-centric tasks dominate social service agencies, absorb staff time and obstruct client service. OnBase allows you to reclaim lost staff time because it captures your high volume of records – plus any ad-hoc documents – and stores them all in one location. It’s even easy for staff to adapt to because they stay inside their familiar, everyday interfaces like Microsoft Outlook™ or their case management software.

Promote compliance and improve client service with integrated automation

Compliance requires strict document handling and process requirements. Connecting records and supporting documents to the appropriate case management process challenges compliance efforts when information resides in multiple systems and filing cabinets. By linking documents and data, OnBase provides staff members with everything they need to manage caseloads in the office or remotely using smartphones and tablets. Without costly professional services and custom coding, OnBase rapidly integrates with your existing technology investments. Speed processes further with OnBase’s industry-recognized process automation. With e-forms and automation, client service improves dramatically because staff has the information needed to make faster, more educated decisions. Workflow rules even kick off timers to remind staff of compliance needs that require attention.

Meet today’s needs affordably while preparing for the future

The OnBase Health and Human Services solutions give you the flexibility to add and modify the functionality offered to your staff and services to your clients as needed. Start with your document capture at intake, connect those documents to your case management system and then automate eligibility processes to speed up decisions and annual reviews.

Why OnBase?

An affordable enterprise content management system is possible even for strapped social service agencies. With OnBase Health and Human Services solutions, you’ll access information faster to meet clients’ needs and funders’ rules despite smaller staff levels and lower budgets. With OnBase, you meet the changing needs of each program in your organization with one easily-supported application, one code base and one vendor. Because OnBase is affordable, easy to configure and user-friendly, it’s a sustainable solution whose ROI emerges almost as quickly as it deploys.

The Payoff

  • Empowers staff by connecting case management and required documentation
  • Promotes efficiency and compliance with secure document storage, mobile access and process automation
  • Provides secure document management enterprise-wide for today and tomorrow