Case Loads and Oversight Are Growing, Staffing Is Not. It Is Time to Take a Stand for Service.

Hyland Case Study: Health & Human Services

The Basics

These are critical times for health and human service agencies. Slashes in staff and budget cuts are a growing reality. State and federal requirements use up valuable resources for collecting and maintaining data for each client, every program. And once the data is captured, it is literally hidden in paperwork from those who need it to find the best service options. With agencies engulfed in linear paper processes, even if they receive temporary budget relief, any additional oversight and accountability requirements will only contribute to the problem and not long-term sustainability. Something needs to be done to stop the cycle.

The Challenges

Daily activities are increasingly centered around trying to capture information and put it where it can be easily found. It is a losing battle when information is dispersed among paper files, case management systems and court systems that do not share information.

    Eligibility determinations and recertifications take way too long

  • Clients and social workers are dissatisfied and drowning in paperwork
  • Failed audits and low visibility puts agencies at risk

The Solution

OnBase solutions for eligibility determination ease the capture and availability of client data. They also put requirements to work in order to ease administration, not the other way around. Staff can focus energy and time on more complex matters of service. Not on routine transactions and document retrieval.

Jump-start eligibility determinations with self-service

By providing self-service constituent access to eligibility forms, agencies can collect data and requirements documents quickly and easily. Electronic forms available from Web sites or public kiosks automatically perform complex calculations and prompt clients for more information. Meetings are automatically scheduled when required forms are complete. By automating the most time consuming initial steps of intake, social service resources are freed from paperwork to focus on better case management. And client frustrations are greatly reduced by eliminating wasted trips to agencies.

Extend the life of your case management system with on-premises or hosted document management. Do more with less.

Capture data and put it to work

Social workers find themselves hunting down multiple file folders for the same client. Directors and decision-makers struggle to obtain program and service metrics. After all of the effort it takes to collect data and documents, shouldn’t they provide more value? OnBase enables agencies to scan or import documents once and make them instantly available to any program or authorized person, at any time and from anywhere. Even from secure Web sites or case management systems. Additionally, eligibility processes automatically initiate upon document capture. The system is always working for you.

    Automated document capture, decisioning and notifications speed service

  • Recertifications are prompted and scheduled automatically
  • Staff can open client folders and access all documents with a mouse-click

Increase service levels, not risk

OnBase workflows automate program requirements, removing the need for staff to manually manage them. Redundant data entry is virtually eliminated along with its errors and inconsistencies. By automatically repurposing data to all necessary forms, required data is captured in less time and with less frustration for clients and staff. Audits require less manual oversight and result in fewer charge backs. Staff are relieved of enormous compliance burdens. They can instead focus on service.

Why OnBase?

We’ve been in the trenches. We know what you’re up against. OnBase solutions for eligibility determination optimize document management so you can focus on service.

  • Deliver appropriate services faster without sacrificing compliance
  • Provide instant visibility into processes and program status
  • Extend the usefulness of existing systems without hiring additional staff

The Payoff

  • Reclaim time to focus on service
  • Extend the usefulness of existing systems
  • Remain compliant with less resources
  • Provide instant visibility into processes and programs