Eliminate Paper Dependency While Improving Justice and Public Safety

Hyland Case Study: Controlling Paper

The Basics

Justice and public safety agencies are at the forefront of protecting communities and
delivering justice. Each hour, courts and law enforcement staff make decisions to respond to disasters, crime and legal cases. Documents are the common layer across this
continuum. With paper clogging up office space and slowing down processes, enterprise
content management (ECM) provides relief for these agencies.

The Challenges

Paper documents drive investigation, prosecution and adjudication, as well as
incarceration, parole and probation. The overabundance of hard copies burden courts and law enforcement agencies with:

  • Expensive paper and storage costs and low-value tasks like filing, storing, photocopying and printing
  • Slow, redundant processing that requires manually pulling information from multiple information silos
  • Long lines of constituents in the office requesting public records and not enough staff to fill requests
    • The Solution

      The OnBase Justice and Public Safety solution electronically captures and stores information – like documents, photos, audio, video and other files – and connects it to other systems such as court case management and records management systems (RMS). By eliminating paper, OnBase supports faster retrieval, secures storage and automates processes to promote faster, more efficient public records requests.

      Reduce operating costs and reclaim staff time by eliminating paper

      The time and cost of filing, storing and photocopying documents has reached unsustainable levels. With OnBase, documents are scanned or originated electronically, stored centrally and instantly and securely available for use. With a variety of capture options, large and small volumes of documents are efficiently stored and automatically indexed, speeding up the intake process. Transporting documents to courtrooms and agencies will be a thing of past with records stored electronically in one central document repository.

      Connect documents, data and agencies to increase efficiency across the justice
      system and in the field

      Across the justice system, it’s a struggle to keep law enforcement and prosecution efforts moving forward as caseloads increase. OnBase can help. From law enforcement to district attorneys, the courts, probation, parole, public defenders and corrections, OnBase provides a single document repository that securely stores, shares and transmits documents. Low value, redundant activities like photocopying, filing and routing documents are eliminated across the government enterprise. OnBase even integrates with key data systems like an RMS or a court case management system unique to each department. OnBase also extends affordably to other departments in the justice system that share public safety responsibilities and records. The solution can even be made available to officers and investigators in the field.

      Allow the public to search and view documents 24/7 from anywhere

      Justice and public safety agencies must respond to volumes of records requests. Some inquiries require multiple staff members to complete and manually push through a time consuming process until the information is returned to constituents.

      Using OnBase, staff immediately access information so public records requests are completed in half the time using fewer resources. OnBase also allows agencies to offer self-service options so constituents find the information they need without staff intervention. With per-page and subscription access, constituents have 24/7 access to documents directly from the web, which frees staff from manually preforming these requests. Offering transparency and secure information access is easy with tools that automatically redact confidential data so you fulfill public records requests while knowing information is protected.

      Why OnBase?

      The OnBase ECM solution helps organizations achieve transparency and efficiency goals without adding staff or going over budget. OnBase lets you meet the needs of each agency with one easily supported application, one code base and one vendor, letting you start with a single department and expand as your time and budget permits. And, because OnBase is both affordable and easy to configure, it’s a sustainable solution with an ROI that emerges almost as quickly as it deploys – improving your ability to provide efficient justice and public safety.

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      The Payoff

      • Reclaims staff time and reduces operating costs by eliminating the paper
      • Increases efficiency in the field and office by connecting documents, data and systems
      • Offers constituents 24/7 access to public records, freeing staff for more value-added tasks