4 Reasons to Switch from Perspective to OnBase

Hyland’s acquisition of Perceptive Software means that Hyland now owns and supports Perceptive’s suite of products. The Perceptive suite helps businesses with content and process management solutions, focusing on capture, connection, and automation. As organizations with Perceptive continue to migrate to Hyland services, now is a great time to consider a move to OnBase for […]

Automation vs. The Big Quit: The Start of a New Workforce

Automation vs. The Big Quit

In a recent 60 Minutes segment, CBS reporters revealed an unnerving trend: American workers are quitting their jobs at an explosive rate. In fact, the U.S. is facing its highest occupational quit rate since those statistics started being tracked in the year 2000. In the second half of 2021 alone, over 20 million people quit […]

RPA: Fad or The Future?


Smart glasses, 3D TVs, and ‘hoverboards.’ BlackBerry phones and Vine. Each of these words represent a piece of technology that at one point was called the next big thing. As we know now – even if they experienced temporary success — each of these pieces of technology eventually lost their popularity or fizzled out altogether. […]

RPA: The Digital Answer to Your Employee Retention Problem


Over the past year-and-a-half, many aspects of the way we work have drastically changed. Remote work has greatly increased, companies have reinvented the way they operate, and employees have experienced a shift in the way they view their jobs. For many government organizations, one unexpected consequence of these changes has been difficulty with employee retention. […]

4 Things to Know About Data Entry Software


Data entry software is the perfect solution for your organization’s slow, manual data entry processes. From the physical storage needs to the bottlenecks in productivity, manual data entry and paper forms are becoming less and less acceptable in our data-driven world. Fortunately, the technology that helps to automate data entry processes has been around for […]

The Basics of Hyland ECM

The Hyland ECM platform helps your organization oversee, manage, and categorize its information over its entire lifecycle.

New Levels of Productivity and Efficiency Hyland ECM, or Enterprise Content Management, is a system that organizes, categorizes, and oversees the entirety of an organization’s information across it’s lifecycle. Sometimes referred to as document or records management, it’s goal is to reduce risk, improve productivity, and increase customer service capability by making information easy and […]

What is Workflow Automation?


Workflow automation optimizes business processes by allowing work to be shared efficiently between workers. It matches work tasks with the workers who are best suited to complete the task. In a financial services setting, for example, this would mean that after a loan application was received by the lender, it would be electronically inputted into […]

KeyMark’s 5 Minute Rule

Since the earliest days of KeyMark’s existence, three words have defined our mission and commitment to our customers: knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy. We strive to embody these words every day, and we keep them in mind throughout all our decision-making processes. To succeed at being knowledgeable, we focus on hiring the right people, consistently investing […]

How to Choose an Intelligent Automation Reseller

With the right partner, an intelligent automation solution can shift your organization into modern-day processes and maximize efficiency.

Digital transformation is happening across all industries as organizations use intelligent automation to shift their processes into modern-day systems. Now more than ever, these organizations are discovering the importance of finding a technology partner that can learn their business and meet all of their needs. A technology reseller is one of the best options for […]

Digital Workers at KeyMark: How We’re Using RPA

KeyMark is using digital workers to automate tasks within our accounting department, allowing us to get more done in less time.

Here at KeyMark, we’ve been excited about digital workers, Robotic Process Automation and the possibilities they bring to our customers for a long time. It’s ability to automate tedious digital processes with speed and precision give it almost infinite opportunities to improve businesses and make employees’ lives easier. Yes, we really like to talk up […]

RPA, Automation and Scaling Your Solution

RPA automation needs to be scaled to match your business objectives.

Scalability in RPA When it comes to Robotic Process Automation technology, it’s crucial to think about the way it can be scaled within your organization. A certain RPA solution may be perfect for your organization initially, but if it can’t grow as you grow it might become a hindrance rather than a help to your […]

The RPA Cheat Sheet

With so much information available today on Robotic Process Automation, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. In reality, there are only a few important things you need to know about this technology in order to understand what it can do for your organization. Once you have the basics down, the rest falls into place. […]