Stay one step ahead of audit and compliance concerns.

Audit and Compliance Technology

In today’s ever-changing regulatory environment, it’s more important than ever to be proactive – rather than reactive – when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements and standards, whether they’re unique to your institution or government mandated.

With KeyMark, you can stay one step ahead of audit and compliance concerns by automating process and providing detailed, consistent documentation and reporting. Automation technology can log user access, views, edits or acts on documents, data and information. As a manager, you gain visibility into processes, workflows and workloads to ensure your team is maximizing productivity and minimizing risk. You can even provide audit logs to external auditors via a secure portal, preventing you from paying costly penalties or excessive external auditing fees.

The benefits of leveraging modern audit and compliance technology are clear:

  • Automate document retention to provide consistent disposition
  • Ensure consistent record keeping at every point in the process
  • Centralize your critical documents in a single repository
  • Implement workflow automation to expedite key approvals
  • Guarantee the right information is available to the right people, at the right time
  • Prevent important documents from being lost or misplaced
  • Empower your team to search, track and manage information easier
  • Redirect staff to focus on activities that add value to your institution
  • Respond to audit requests and legal concerns easier
  • Avoid excessive costs for external auditing or costly legal battles

Keeping up with ever-changing financial regulations isn’t easy. The good news is that our team of experts understands the audit and compliance challenges you face and, more importantly, understand how to implement and support the technology you need to modernize your institution.