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Digital Forms for Assessors

Assessors Offices need to access and process information quickly: assessment appeals, property exemptions, records requests, etc. Yet each Assessors Office has unique requirements for the data provided and how that information is requested, processed, and delivered. Legal deadlines and response expectations may be hard to meet with paper-driven, snail-mail based requests. From real property appraisals and assessments in the field, to property owner appeals, to status and transactional changes, our Digital Forms for Assessors solution will decrease processing burdens and increase constituent satisfaction. With digital forms, you transform cumbersome paper-based workflows into easy-to-use web and mobile form experiences that empower your office to focus on higher value services. All the while, providing real-time data integrations with your other core systems.

Digital Forms for Assessors Examples:

  • Assessment Appeal
  • Change of Address
  • Mobile Homes
  • Residential Status
  • Agricultural Status
  • Builder’s Forms
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Commercial Properties
  • Property Records Request
  • Any specific forms you may need

6 Reasons Why Assessors Love Our Digital Forms Solutions:

  1. Improve your constituent’s experience with web and mobile-ready forms
  2. Reduce the costs and burdens of paper scanning and snail mail
  3. Streamline processing times to meet legal and service expectations
  4. Real-time data integrations reduce manual data entry
  5. Originate attachments and trailing documents in digital formats
  6. Minimize errors from illegible handwriting
Our Digital Forms for Assessors solution is built on Forms InMotion, a robust enterprise forms management platform. Forms InMotion centralizes all of your forms in one place, securely connects them with your core systems and makes them accessible to your employees and constituents anytime, anywhere. Are you ready to discover the cost savings and improved processing times with a Digital Forms for Assessors solution?  Let us help.