With Agenda Management the Motion is Always Forward

Agenda and Minutes Management Software

Agenda and Minutes Management Ensures Compliance and Enhances Efficiency

In an administrative world, ruled by Roberts Rules of Order, you can’t take a chance of not following proper parliamentary procedures. Increasingly, public and government agencies are subject to increased scrutiny regarding management of their meetings. KeyMark’s Agenda and Minutes Management Solution helps you avoid problems when dealing with public meetings and public record keeping.

Our Agenda Management Solution provides an all-encompassing agenda and minutes system that helps to automate the entire meeting process. Quick and easy digital distribution of meeting documents eliminates wasting endless reams of paper. Most importantly the system allows you to control who has access to what documents and allows quick and easy searches.

Agenda Management Benefits

  • Cuts costs associated with paper documents
  • Eliminates time-consuming repetitive tasks
  • Enhances communication with stakeholders
  • Provides better compliance for public record requirements