A Letter from Bob Chamberlain

IMR Digital

Dear Friends,

As the retiring owner of IMR, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to IMR’s employees, customers and advocates for the three decades of camaraderie that we have shared since 1981

Rarely are business owners privileged enough to have decades of relationships with dozens of employees and hundreds of customers/partners directly in their backyard. I feel privileged to have been your partner, employer and friend and honor the trust and belief that you placed in IMR for so long. 

The loyalty that you provided in myself and IMR took many years to build, and as I look to the future, I feel obligated to honor that trust with a succession plan that not only transitions IMR successfully but also provides a strategic plan for stability and growth.

Over the past several years, I began a succession strategy to pass the IMR legacy to a new generation of business leaders. In an increasingly complex technology landscape, I set out to find peers, vendors and partners who could enhance the long-term support and services required for our loyal customer base.

In 2014, the decision was made to transition the resources of IMR into KeyMark, an organization with impeccable credentials and a stellar reputation in the information management arena. I believe KeyMark not only ensures the smoothest transition but also offers IMR’s customers the responsiveness, support, and advancements they demand and deserve to continue to be successful.

All change brings challenges, opportunities and uncertainty. After the first month of transition, I am excited and confident that I made the right decision to leave IMR’s legacy in the hands of KeyMark. As many of you may have already experienced, Jim Wanner, KeyMark’s CEO, and his management team are dedicated to the betterment of his organization’s employees, customers, vendors and communities.  

Over the coming weeks you will be informed if any changes are occurring in your sales and support teams. I ask that during this transition, you be patient. IMR has built up over 3,000 customers, each with unique needs, and communicating to everyone effectively will take time. KeyMark is committed to honoring all existing contracts, well equipped to meet all of your needs, and is vigorously working with the IMR team to onboard employees, customers and vendors.

In the interim, I wanted to provide you access to your key contacts within KeyMark if you have any specifics that you need to address. They are listed below.

Fortunately for myself, you all played critical roles in my next chapter… retirement. Many business owners do not get to sit back and watch their roots continue to bear fruit. I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy my family and friends knowing that my employees, vendors and customers are in great hands.

Thank you for many blessed years. I look forward to watching you all grow for many more.


Bob Chamberlain


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