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February 12, 2020

2 Ways Virtual Collaboration Quickly Adds a Customer Service Edge

Virtual Collaboration Use Cases


Ben Vaughan

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KeyMark has recently partnered with a virtual collaboration company called Livegenic. Livegenic offers an easy-to-deploy service where an organization can quickly and easily utilize real-time photo and video collaboration, guided self-service and field resource management tools. The tool adds a game-changing dynamic to anyone who is using case management software like OnBase.

Here are two illustrations of how this can work, for example, in the insurance space.

Insurance Carriers:

In the insurance space, if customers require quick responses when they’re dealing with a claim. Livegenic’s real-time and asynchronous photo and video collaboration and guided self-service provide a powerful customer experience. An insurer can take a look at a loss without ever leaving the office, making documentation 80% faster. In fact, for an insurer, we have seen:

  • 3.5x reduction in the claims cycle time
  • 45-65% savings in claims processing
  • 99% fraud decrease on live content capture

Insurance carriers using Livegenic report a $400 savings per inspection, making this a no-brainer for insurers looking for a customer service edge.

Insurance Third Party Administrator (TPAs):

A TPA can spend less time scheduling inspections and waiting on documentation because virtual collaboration is instant. There are even collaboration features where the administrator can collaborate with a field service team member in real time. Onsite inspectors can utilize Livegenic’s Enterprise App to document, upload and manage inspections while on-the-go. This can increase adjuster inspection capacity by 50% per week, freeing an organization for both growth and even better customer care.

Others who might be able to benefit from something like this might be a Department of Social Services, Building Inspector, Healthcare Clinic/Hospital or Local Government agency. Really anyone whose job requires documentation. The best part? There is minimal setup required. We like to say that the lengthiest part of this is the paperwork. Contact us to get your customer service edge today!

Take the Next Step

We can help you decide pretty quickly whether this would be a good fit for your organization. With 20+ years of experience in automation, we just need about 5 minutes of Q&A. 

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