9 Reasons Why Our Horizons Enterprise Content Management Conference Is Not Only Free, It’s Priceless.

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If you’re like me, setting priorities and managing your time is a critical success factor for your organization. As an executive, manager and leader, my team needs me to be available, engaged and have a discerning perspective on the issues that drive our organization every day. For the very reasons that our teams lean on us, I think it’s also … Read More

6 Must-Have Steps to Move Beyond Invoice Automation and Into Procure-To-Pay

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For over 30 years, the top goals of senior management for Accounts Payable were: reduce costs reduce headcount reduce cycle time. Invoice automation has dramatically helped to achieve all three of these goals. Imaging and automated work flow have been key. Other technologies such as optical character recognition and electronic invoicing have also helped. By accomplishing these goals, senior management … Read More

Dinosaurs, Free T-shirts, and the Law of Unintended Results.

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We are always trying to bring life and energy to what are too often stodgy or boring business events. We do a lot of educational, informational, and training events for our customers and prospects, and each event creates an opportunity to do something fun and memorable. Nothing says fun like a free t-shirt, right? In the fall of 2014, we hosted a … Read More

6 Ways Government Agencies Can Maximize Their Technology Budgets

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Have you been thinking about next fiscal year’s budget? If you’ve been considering an enterprise content management (ECM) solution or wondering how you can enhance your current ECM solution, now is a good time to start planning. Here are six ways your agency can leverage technology to not only solve your immediate challenges, but also address long-term goals to maximize … Read More

Seven Benefits of Outsourcing Managed Resources To Supplement Your ECM Solution Team

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There may come a time when you find yourself at a crossroads with resources and their skill-sets. At some point, an ECM solution becomes more than just another application that they have to monitor. When you find yourself in that moment, one question you should ask yourself is, “What if I partner with my vendor?” Although outsourced resources often have the negative connotation that … Read More

9 Things You May Not Know About OnBase

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Every day thousands of organizations across the globe use OnBase to manage their content. You may even be using it in your organization. But are you maximizing the full potential of OnBase across your organization? Check out this list below to see how OnBase affordably scales to meet your needs, whether you’re deploying solutions around a specific case, specific departments … Read More

[Infographic] Transform ECM Into an Enterprise Information Hub with OnBase

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Information is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. But many companies find that managing this vital content can be a real struggle. IDG Research and OnBase by Hyland created this infographic to present the findings from their whitepaper titled “Charting ECM’s Course from Document Management to Enterprise Information Hub.” KeyMark: A Leading Platinum OnBase Integrator KeyMark is a member of Hyland’s exclusive team … Read More

Seven Ways to Fill The Gaps In Your Accounts Receivable Order-To-Cash Automation Strategy

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From accelerating document processing to improving accessibility and process management, OnBase ensures you turn orders into cash as quickly as possible. The solution perfectly complements your other accounts receivable systems by keeping them up-to-date through seamless integration. Depending on the needs of your organization, OnBase is applicable to many processes throughout the Order-to-Cash cycle, including: 1. Contract Management Streamline request, … Read More

Preparing for Constituent 2020 with OnBase

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Our good friends at OnBase by Hyland and GovLoop put together this great infographic on how to be prepared for Constituent 2020. Will you be ready?   The way we engage with government is quickly changing. We use modern and emerging technology in nearly every aspect of our lives, and expect these services to be available with government. What will constituents … Read More