Streamline Workflow Easily
and Effectively.

Cumbersome amounts of paper may be one of the initial problems your organization faces. However, if you automate your entire business system you will truly be able to eliminate the paper and enhance the efficiency of how documents move through your organization. With an effective business process management tool for workflow, documents can be managed without the need for printing. Your organization’s documents can be received, scanned, electronically delivered, manipulated, viewed and sent directly from your business applications.

KeyMark successfully helps organizations manage their workflow processes. Workflow electronically transmits documents through the business process, either automatically based on configured logic or manually by users. Workflow automated processes can be scheduled to run at the most convenient time and run completely unattended.

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Workflow with OnBase:

  • Centralizes your important business content in one secure location
  • Drives this content through your processes
  • Integrates with your existing line of business system or ERP
  • Gives you total visibility into the status of your processes, documents, and information