Eliminate Paper-Based Systems Fast with Data Capture and Document Management from KeyMark

Managing Paper Flow

Transportation companies rely heavily on the critical information generated by all types of paperwork supporting the core business functions. Documents need to be processed through a workflow that captures, shares and retains critical information. Accuracy and timeliness of information has a direct impact the total operating costs. In addition, the management and maintenance of these documents can put a serious drain on corporate resources.



The Cost of Inefficiency

Hard copy documents are still prevalent in normal business transactions within the transportation and distribution industries. Forms such as Estimates, Orders, Bills of Lading, Packing Slips, Delivery Receipts, and Invoices traditionally have been an effective means of capturing the information required to run the business. The inefficiencies that surround hard copy documents stem from the excessive expenditure of hard and soft dollars associated with the capture and maintenance of these documents.

Access Critical Information On-Demand

Advanced Data Capture & Automation is the Key

Critical data is created, stored and managed in every area of the business. The challenge in today’s world is how to co-ordinate the capture of relevant information in an effort to generate real-time data for the decision maker. Any size company that wants to maintain a competitive edge will need to take advantage of the cost cutting benefits document imaging solutions will offer.

Benefits of Electronic Data Capture:

  • Speeds processing of transportation documents
  • Capture documents at point of origin
  • Extracts data automatically to increase data accuracy
  • Integration with existing transportation and warehousing systems
  • Cross-references data with related documents
  • Real-Time Access to Information
  • Better Customer Service
  • Accelerates Business Operations