Would you like to dramatically increase efficiency, meet customer demands, reduce costs and ensure compliance?

If so, it’s time to enlist the services of KeyMark, an award-winning document management solution provider.

With KeyMark, clients have eliminated paper, automated functions such as post-close mortgage processes, cut costs, enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our financial services clients have better managed and controlled risk factors through automated reporting functions.

Key Benefits of Document Management Automation

  • Accountability/Compliance – Stay in compliance with industry, state and federal regulations
  • Transparency – With audit trails and automatic notifications, you’ll receive visibility into documents and processes and identify problems before they occur.
  • Integrity/Protection – Protect the integrity of your data and guard against any interruptions.
  • Availability – Ensure documents are available when and where you need them and are accessible to the right people through security controls.
  • Retention/Disposal – Maintain your electronic documents and information for an appropriate time and develop rules for when and how long documents are stored.