Close More Deals. Process More Documents.

Cloud-based mortgage document management to automate high-volume, high-quality document classification and data extraction.

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Automating mortgage loan classification and extraction can give you the competitive advantage you need – especially when your competitors are processing loans by hand.

CloudCapture by KeyMark is ideal for mortgage lenders looking for a cloud-based document classification or extraction system that provides high quality optical character recognition (OCR).

CloudCapture lets you choose the service you need (classification and extraction), and immediately improve your ability to process larger volumes of documents and close more deals.

How Cloud-Based Classification and Extraction Works

CloudCapture provides the infrastructure to automate high-volume, high-quality document classification and data extraction without the worries of capital investment or manual labor.

As a web-based tool, CloudCapture allows for the secure and simple upload of loan documents. Upon receipt, CloudCapture classifies documents accordingly, extracts the specified data, and returns an .XML file back to your workflow process.

What are the end results of cloud-based data classification and extraction?

  • Less data entry, enabling you to redeploy resources to a higher and better use
  • Increased processing speed
  • Improved loan package quality
  • Fewer errors than manual data entry
  • The ability to handle more loans per day at a lower cost per loan

Features – CloudCapture Classification

  • CloudCapture classifies 83 of the most common documents encountered during the mortgage process.
  • CloudCapture provides the ability to review and validate data from submitted documentation during the post-close process.
  • CloudCapture classifies, separates and identifies documents using pre-defined field and data attributes.
  • CloudCapture maximizes classification productivity without the burden of a costly integration.

Features – CloudCapture Extraction

  • CloudCapture uses advanced technology to extract data from deep within a HUD-1 settlement statement.
  • CloudCapture intelligently translates paper documents to searchable data
  • CloudCapture allows lenders and servicers to better determine the value of a loan and compare values against what was provided to closing agents.
  • Overall, CloudCapture helps expedite processing and improve the quality of a loan packages.
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