Imagine a Single IT Platform That Gives You Unlimited Options.

Ask any IT manager, and they’ll tell you: managing disparate IT platforms is cumbersome, costly and time consuming. Running numerous systems can strain development resources, delay development timelines and, worst of all, create data silos that are not integrated with core systems, frustrating your business stakeholders with limited data visibility. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved by combining the ability to manage content, workflow processes and custom “cases” all on a single dynamic case management platform.

With only one system to support, maintain and upgrade, you can decrease the total cost of ownership, while increasing IT governance and overall control. What’s more, you don’t need to be a developer or database administrator to make the most of your IT system. By utilizing a powerful platform like OnBase, you can leverage:

  • Point-and-Click Configurability – Develop new solutions quickly through an easy-to-use interface featuring checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, etc.
  • Rapid Deployment – Configure and deploy your solutions without custom coding or scripting
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Reduce overall costs of managing multiple systems
  • Extensible Technology – Expand across multiple teams, departments and your entire enterprise
  • Ongoing Peace of Mind – Upgrade assurance with annual or bi-annual releases
  • Flexible Hosting Options – Hosted on-premise or in the cloud – whichever works better for you

Whether your system is on-site or in the cloud, KeyMark can help you benefit from a centralized IT platform. If your goal is a rapid-development platform to reduce costs, increase time-to-market and decrease the burdens of multiple systems, let’s talk.

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