With An Enterprise Content Management Conversion From KeyMark, The Jig Is Up.

It was an inside job all along. Your legacy ECM stealing you blind. Robbing you of your productivity. Stealing your possibilities. Making off with every innovation you never had. Then KeyMark introduced you to OnBase. And your legacy ECM never got away with anything again.

Is it time to upgrade or replace your existing enterprise content management (ECM) system?

Today, ECM software is helping organizations with enterprise workflow, automation, records management, forms management and more. However, if your system lacks the functionality to scale throughout your enterprise or doesn’t have the agility you need, it may be time to consider an ECM conversion.

If your current system doesn’t meet your business needs, a modern ECM solution may be the answer. Whether you are working with an unsupported legacy system or you’re considering an upgrade, converting to a new ECM system will prove to be more cost-effective, easier to use and more efficient in the long-term.

As a document management solutions provider that has performed hundreds of successful ECM implementations, KeyMark has worked with organizations in a range of industries looking to upgrade or convert existing ECM software systems.

If you aren’t sure whether your organization is ready to make the move to a new system, we can help evaluate your current system, make recommendations based on where your organization is today, plan for future growth and help to create a conversion plan.

KeyMark has guided customers through hundreds of successful conversions.

Oracle IPM Conversions

Oracle IPM customers have turned to KeyMark to upgrade or replace their legacy ECM software. Learn more >

ImageRight Conversions
ImageRight customers have turned to KeyMark’s insurance team to support, upgrade or migrate their legacy ImageRight software to OnBase. Learn more >
IBM FileNet Conversions

IBM FileNet customers have turned to KeyMark to upgrade or replace their legacy ECM software. Learn more >

OnBase by Hyland made a name for itself by focusing on customer satisfaction and offering easier-to-implement, easier-to -administer, and lower-cost alternatives to the ECM offerings of IBM (FileNet) and EMC (Documentum).


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A KeyMark conversion solution leveraging OnBase should be considered when replacing the following systems:

ASG (Mobius)
Cerner CPDI
EMC ApplicationXtender
IBM Content Manager
IBM FileNet
IBM Lotus Notes
McKesson HPF
MHC Software
Microsoft AX
Open Text
Open Text Alchemy
Open Text Gauss
Open Text Global 360
Oracle IPM
Siemens EDM
Streamline Health