Leading ECM Software From The Leading ECM Software Reseller.

Enterprise Content Management Software, or ECM Software, means realtime access to information, workflows and optimized business processes. In other words, ECM Software facilitates getting information and paper into the hands of people who need it quickly. That means greater efficiency, and that’s something we’ve been doing at KeyMark for almost 20 years.

At KeyMark, we pride ourselves in being a leading reseller of both OnBase by Hyland and Kofax, the gold standards in Enterprise Content Management Software. Beyond providing the finest products available, KeyMark tailors these products to meet your unique needs, delivering tangible return on investment. At KeyMark, we call this elevating efficiency.

ECM by Department

Accounts Payable Document Management

KeyMark makes it easy to track a document anywhere through your enterprise, assisting with JCAHO and HIPAA compliance. KeyMark even offers tools to assist with Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audits.

Accounts Receivable Document Management

KeyMark images the check and all other transaction content (including envelopes), determines the amount (CAR/LAR/KFI) and MICR information, balances the transactions and provides exception handling at the transaction level.

Human Resources Document Management

KeyMark offers organizations the ability to electronically store, index and retrieve employee documents such as resumes, W-4s, I-9s, benefit and insurance forms.

Mailroom Automation

Users of our automated mailroom solution have realized an ROI in less than a year while increasing efficiency, accuracy and improving customer service.

ECM by Industry

Financial Services Document Management

KeyMark’s solution for streamlining lending processes can help you reduce costs by up to 72 percent, cut cycle time in half and decrease the time spent trying to locate documents.

Government Document Management

KeyMark reduces paper-based processes and applies efficient tracking methods to help local and state agencies be more efficient and accurate.

Healthcare Document Management

KeyMark’s healthcare solution gives you the tools you need to convert paper files to electronic documents, automate manual processes, connect information across your organization and deliver a better patient experience.

Insurance Document Management

KeyMark provides a configurable solution that works with your specific business needs and processes. It can automate the way you handle claims forms, correspondence and applications while increasing accuracy and ensuring government compliance.

Manufacturing Document Management

KeyMark can help you boost productivity while reducing costs by providing electronic storage and retrieval of documents from multiple locations.

ECM by Product

ECM and Document Management Products

KeyMark builds industry-leading document capture, automated data entry, and workflow solutions based on custom integration and the best tools available. 

ECM by Technology

Capture and Classification Document Management Technologies

KeyMark can help reduce the time, cost and challenges of collecting and classifying your documents. We offer a variety of ways to collect documents, forms and other data into information that is retrievable from your business applications and portable devices. 

Scanning Document Management Technologies

Document scanning involves the transformation of a paper document into an electronic image that can be used in your computer-based business applications. KeyMark works with businesses to help them benefit from various document imaging solutions.

Workflow Document Management Technologies

KeyMark successfully helps organizations manage their workflow processes. Workflow electronically transmits documents through the business process, either automatically based on configured logic or manually by users.